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EnviroSure™ where sustainability and technology come together.



EnviroSure core business is creating high calibre products for our clients, who are in professional disciplines associated with environmental and natural resource management, water /waste water, planning and sustainable development.

Our service provides clients with a choice of correct insurance product and premiums.

Whether a company is small or an association, the EnviroSure team works towards meeting your needs. Our experience in dealing with underwriters and presenting our client’s business in the most appropriate light is to your advantage and produces the most competitive premiums, along with the most efficient and cost effective methods of service and claims delivery.

In addition to the above, EnviroSure is built on a “service” philosophy. We work with our clients and insurers to offer our clients solutions beyond borders.

Our experience in dealing with underwriters and presenting our client’s business in the most appropriate light creates benefits for our clients, which include:-

  • Correct coverage match to occupational exposures.
  • Previous unknown claims covered under our claims made contract. 
  • Intellectual property cover option available if registered with IP Australia.
  • No additional costs to access professional advice on all claims related circumstances.
  • No additional costs to access Senior Counsel to dispute claims decisions.

Extensively tested and researched before applying to a large variety of environmental consultants across a wide range of occupations, EnviroSure enables a balanced cover to a variety of selected activities without pollution exclusions.
Typically our products address the following areas;

  • Contaminated site Investigation & Remediation
  • Environmental Audit
  • Ecology (terrestrial and aquatic)
  • OH&S, EH&S/SHE
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Risk Management (Safety & Environmental)
  • Water resources - hydrology & modelling
  • Hydro geology
  • Water infrastructure 
  • Water / Waste Water process
  • Catchment Management
  • GIS / Spatial information management
  • Traffic & Transport
  • Geotechnical
  • Acoustics
  • Waste management
  • Environmental Strategy & Policy
  • Sustainability - urban and regional development
  • Economics - environmental and agricultural
  • Corporate sustainability and social responsibility
  • Town/Urban Planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Air Quality

Treat EnviroSure as your benchmark product and the problem of “which cover option” becomes simple.


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